“It’s Time For You To Touch Grass and Recharge” – Polygon Sign off for 2022

  • A brief break from work existence for 2022 – Polygon team.
  • Incredible achievements of Polygon towards the crypto community. 
  • Polygon awaits for 2023 to invent and drive-thru Web3 space. 

Polygon, a well known blockchain platform connecting top tech firms to succeed their business operations. Because the entire team cherishes its success for the whole year of 2022, the official announcement is trending now. Yes, Polygon is signing off with this year we have spent on incredible projects with Web3 technology.  

“It’s time for you to touch the grass and recharge” states they having a huge satisfaction on its efforts and work. Therefore, by having an innovation of getting mass adoption of Web3 for future years growth, Polygon is going to be mixed up in approaching year, 2023!

Surprisingly, in only one year, Polygon onboarded around 500 outstanding companies to Web3 space. Additionally, the network also set a good reason for huge amount of Web3 adoptions because of its future growth. Hence, walking from the busy work-existence to spend more time with nature and it is beauty, Polygon relieves.

Popular features of Polygon in 2022!

A few of the popular features of the achievements Polygon network for that year 2022. In April, there have been over 19,000 apps running around the Polygon blockchain. Between The month of january to April, almost 7000 applications were launched around the platform. See how to avoid for this, the huge recording of transactions entered 90 million in only 4 several weeks. 

Further, a general review of the Polygon MATIC accomplishments. Like a shocking work history, Polygon stored 778K smart contracts. Following, it onboarded 234K contract creators, creating 200,000K unique addresses. Additionally, there have been 960,000,000 effective transactions around the platform. 

Much more, 60,953 tonnes of carbon burnt from Polygon network. And also the last popular achievement may be the scaling solution in testnet phase “Polygon zkEVM”. To tell the truth, the Polygon network observed outstanding achievements following the launch of zkEVM.

Furthermore, the partnerships of Polygon are with top the likes of Meta, Adidas, Prada, HTC, Reddit, Coinbase, Robinhood, and much more.

Thus, performing massive with this year, Polygon team requires a short break for 2022. Hence it’s apparent that Polygon is with lots of more innovations to give the crypto community. 

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