Mike Bankman Is Bernie Madoff of Crypto, States Scaramucci for His Unfaithfulness

  • Scaramucci states, “The ninth circle of hell” is restricted to SBF
  • As being a close friend, Mike tricked me, recalls Scaramucci.
  • Nov FTX and Mike won’t be an finish to crypto.

Anthony Scaramucci, may be the managing partner of SkyBridge Capital along with a good friend of FTX founder, Mike Bankman-Fried. Unexpectedly there’s an enormous crack within their friendship and Scaramucci reveals it in public places. 

Yesterday, Scaramucci attended a Casper Lab’s Blockchain Hub event like a speaker in Davos, Europe. Throughout the speech, Scaramucci stated, the unfaithfulness of SBF is intolerable when i considered him as my true closest friend. Particularly, Scaramucci feels the unfaithfulness immediately after the demise of FTX exchange

In addition, Personally, i feel it’s a unfaithfulness because the word, unfaithfulness and fraud differ at componen level. Though I’d a really close relationship with Bankman-Fried and the family, it hurts me reputationally, states Scaramucci. 

Like a traditional saying, when the trust is damaged, it can’t be fixed at any time. Similarly, Scaramucci shares that his trust on SBF is damaged and went wrong. 

Unacceptable Unfaithfulness of Mike

Following, it’s apparent that nov the FTX empire has produced a dreadful crisis throughout space. However, the blockchain and crypto industry are decentralized where there’s no work with trust factor, Bankman-Fried’s actions won’t be an finish for the whole industry. 

See how to avoid for this, Scaramucci adds an estimate, 

“If anybody that has read Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, be sure that the ninth circle of hell is specifically under reservation for SBF for his act of unfaithfulness.”

Much more, I figured Mike was the objective Zuckerberg of crypto but he demonstrated that he’s the Bernie Madoff of crypto. In a way, Scaramucci added wrinkles, expressing his sorrow over Sam’s unfaithfulness.

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