NOWpayments Integrates Hedera Token to improve Efficiency

NOWpayments Integrates Hedera Token to Increase Efficiency
  • HTS and HCS integration by enables fast and secure $HBAR transactions. 
  • HTS improves transaction efficiency by streamlining the development and upkeep of tokens. 
  • HCS guarantees secure transactions and verifies integrity for user confidence.

By the Hedera Token Service (HTS) and Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) into its cutting-edge platform,, a leading cryptocurrency payment gateway, makes great strides. With the aid of the HBAR native token from the Hedera network, this proper step seeks to provide users a better transaction experience that’s characterised by elevated speed, decreased prices and strengthened security.

A notable innovation in transaction facilitation is supplied by’s integration from the Hedera Token Service (HTS). HTS assists you to create and administer tokens like HBAR that derive from the Hedera network. Users given the opportunity to execute transactions easily, utilizing the network’s fast throughput and occasional latency.

Users of have access to a multitude of options and functionalities with HTS. Traditional middlemen aren’t needed, that also lowers transaction costs and will get eliminate pointless holdups. Furthermore, HTS guarantees total transparency and immutability of transactions, fostering user trust.

Hedera Consensus Service (HCS)-Enhanced Security and Reliability understands the critical nature of security and dependability with regards to cryptocurrency transactions. The woking platform fortifies its infrastructure with cutting-edge consensus algorithms. That ensures the integrity of transactions by integrating the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS).

By becoming a trust layer, HCS enables users to with confidence read the authenticity and sequence of transactions. All transactions made through protected against fraud, tampering, along with other malicious functions. Through the use of the HCS, gives its consumers use of a reliable and safe atmosphere for cryptocurrency transactions, boosting user confidence within the service.

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