OpenAI Funds AI Governance Frameworks With $100K Grants

  • The grant is funded by OpenAI’s non-profit division.
  • The project’s results is going to be freely available to everyone.

OpenAI has initiated a project targeted at promoting democratic engagement in the introduction of AI, marking a substantial advance in the dedication to inclusivity. OpenAI shared within their recent announcement on May 25. They’re preparing to award ten grants. Each amounting to $100,000, to aid experiments that try to create a “proof-of-concept” democratic mechanism for figuring out AI system rules.

And OpenAI expressed the experiments will make up the grounds for the next project having a global perspective and ambitious aims. They highlighted the conclusions in the experiments won’t be legally binding. And can play a vital role in analyzing essential AI governance questions.

Reports indicate that critics have stated natural biases in AI systems like ChatGPT, citing cases of racist program outputs discovered by users. There’s an increasing concern that whenever AI is coupled with search engines like google for example Google (Alphabet Corporation.) and Bing (Microsoft Corp.), it might generate misleading information inside a convincingly deceitful manner. 

OpenAI’s non-profit arm accounts for awarding the grant. And they’ve managed to get obvious the connection between the work is going to be available to the general public totally free.

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