Polygon Labs and Flipkart Set introducing Countless Users to Web3

  • Polygon and Flipkart have collaborated with an on-chain brand-first loyalty program.
  • This program also plans look around the launch of the dynamic marketplace.

Polygon Labs, the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem, has announced its collaboration with Flipkart, India’s largest shopping online platform, and hang up. This collaboration is perfect for an on-chain brand-first loyalty program that’s likely to introduce countless users to Web3.

On June 14, Polygon tweeted concerning the new collaboration with Flipkart. Through this collaboration, Polygon and Flipkart will offer you users the chance to obtain rewards according to their brand loyalty. The company-first loyalty program named FireDrops 2. will transform brand marketing, storytelling, and customer engagement around the Polygon network.

Enhanced Customer Engagement on Polygon Network

Based on the report, Hang’s loyalty platform forces FireDrops 2.. It’ll offer Flipkart users a customized, engaging, and rewarding experience. Furthermore, FireDrop uses NFT technology to reward users and supply a much better experience.  

Naren Ravula, VP, Mind of Product Strategy and Deployment at Flipkart, mentioned

By integrating Web3 and NFTs into brand loyalty programs, we’re revolutionizing brand marketing, storytelling, and customer engagement.

He added the e-commerce companies are constantly innovating and evolving. Flipkart recognizes the need for customer loyalty and, more to the point, the emerging space of Web3 loyalty.

The combination of NFT technology in FireDrop 2. enables easy possession and also the redemption of rewards. Furthermore, this program also plans look around the launch of the dynamic marketplace. It’ll allow users to purchase and sell rewards and improve brand engagement. 

Polygon Labs continues to grow its ecosystem using the new integration. The collaboration aims to supply users with games, surprises, immersive encounters, and rewards. This can help users build relationships their most favorite brands inside a significant way, earning exciting benefits and rewards. Furthermore, using the scalability supplied by the Polygon network, FireDrops is anticipated to grow Flipkart’s achieve over the Indian e-commerce market.

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