Cristiano Ronaldo Launches NFT Collection With Binance Crypto Exchange

Cristiano Ronaldo. Source: cristiano / Instagram

“The legend is due Binance,” stated the exchange.

Football giant Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be launching his non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection this Friday.

“My NFT collection is originating on November 18, solely on Binance,” stated Ronaldo inside a tweet. He added that fans may use a referral code to get “a surprise once the collection drops.”

A Cristiano Ronaldo Mystery Box for that first 1.5 million new Binance users to make use of the code can include limited-edition Ronaldo NFTs, stated the pr release.

According to some Binance announcement,

“The CR7 NFT collection […] would be the to begin a number of drops featuring the football icon Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The pr release added the future teams of the Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection is going to be obtainable in early 2023.

Meanwhile, the inaugural collection will feature seven animated statues with four rarity levels:

  • Super Super Rare (SSR),
  • Super Rare (SR),
  • Rare (R),
  • Normal (N).

Each rarity level has some benefits, together with a personal message from Ronaldo and autographed merchandise.

In addition, the 45 greatest value NFTs – 5 SSR and 40 SR – is going to be held for any 24-hour auction around the Binance NFT marketplace. Putting in a bid prices will begin at BUSD 10,000 for SSR and BUSD 1,700 for SR.

The rest of the 6,600 NFTs – 600 R and 6,000 N – is going to be on Binance beginning at BUSD 77.

The pr release added that,

“Each NFT statue depicts Ronaldo within an legendary moment from his existence, from career-defining bicycle kicks to his childhood in Portugal.”

The exchange first announced a multi-year partnership using the player at the end of June this season. The most recent announcement claimed the product of the collaboration is “a first-of-its-kind experience, one which can change the NFT game forever,” adding:

“Starting now, you’ll obtain a sneak look at what we’ve been focusing on, and much more surprises on what’s coming next.”

The first, June announcement also mentioned the move can help develop existing partnerships using the Argentine Football Association, the Brazilian Football Confederation, and professional sports clubs S.S. Lazio (IT) and FC Porto (PT).

At that time, additionally they stated that registered Binance users in select countries could buy the collections using Binance Pay.

Collaborations between major sports players and crypto information mill becoming more and more common. With regards to football particularly, captured, Argentine professional footballer Lionel Messi signed an offer worth over USD 20m to advertise digital fan token company Included in the deal, Messi would engage in a campaign campaign for Socios within the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Meanwhile, per the Daily Mail, Ronaldo continues to be “ridiculed” by his fans for promoting this NFT collection just hrs after accusing Manchester U . s . to be a “marketing club”.


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