Elon Musk NFT First to go in Ukrainian Hall of Fame and also you Can’t Purchase It

The Elon Musk NFT. Source: Meta History: Museum of War


Ukraine’s government produced an online gallery of NFT-based artworks that “aren’t for purchase,” but they are being preserved as “an expression of gratitude, much like how works of art were given to royal families and famous scientists previously.” Tesla‘s chief and Twitter buyer Elon Musk is the first ones to enter this virtual “Hall of Fame.”

Musk’s decision to supply SpaceX Starlink satellite internet to help Ukraine throughout the Russian invasion is stated to become a major boost towards the country’s military.

This virtual hall of fame is located around the Meta History: Museum of War platform that’s being run by the Kuna crypto exchange, as the final beneficiary of all of the funds elevated in the platform may be the Secretary of state for Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The hall will commemorate those who were “picked depending on how vocal these were in supporting Ukraine, and just what real action they’ve taken,” based on their announcement.

“Another inductees include: Mila Kunis, Elton John, Jared Leto, Jim Carrey, and Benedict Cumberbatch – their portraits will be ready to be presented within the Hall of Fame,” they stated, adding that “NFT-based artworks will remain around the blockchain forever,” which “Ukraine’s supporters are very literally writing history through their deeds.”

“These people provided products or services, supported us behind closed doorways, and used the strength of their art to highlight the reason and collect donations,“ they stated.

Plus they added that using a “little hint,” there’d be room within the “hall” for brand new additions, as “actions such as this can enable you to get a location in MetaHistory’s Hall of Fame.”

On Twitter, the NFT museum authored it had become “grateful to celebrities who show the reality regarding world war 2 in Ukraine, which the hall could be decorated by artists who “will create NFT artworks focused on the general public figures who support Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s government is advocating the worldwide crypto community and digital artists to “help Ukraine with” NFTs, asking contributors to “not leave us alone using the enemy.” The Secretary of state for Digital Transformation, that has formerly generate a platform for crypto donations to finance the nation’s war effort, can also be accepting bids for that NFTs formerly donated through the crypto community via its OpenSea account.

Per the official website, all the NFTs the help for Ukraine campaign has accumulated so far – together with a rare CryptoPunks item having a floor cost of ETH 150 – are actually on purchase, with “100% from the proceeds” likely to fund the federal government of Ukraine’s campaign against Russia.

The Ethereum (ETH) address connected using the campaign has NFTs worth some USD 264,000 inside it during the time of writing, per Etherscan data.

Also, the NFT museum claimed it had “released part one of their assortment of artworks” recently “to positive results,” coupled with collected USD 800,000 from sales.

The 2nd batch of NFTs, your body noted on Twitter, could be provided on May 1.
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