Gaming Giant The new sony Files Patent to allow NFT Transferability Across Games and Consoles

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Entertainment and gaming giant The new sony has declared a patent to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) transferable and functional between various games, devices, and consoles.

The patent filed a week ago states:

“[T]hat digital asset can be utilized, through the NFT, across plural different computer simulations and/or across plural different computer simulation platforms. Possession from the NFT can also be subsequently used in other finish-user entities for his or her own use across different simulations and/or platforms.”

Basically, which means that players could transfer their in-game assets between various gaming platforms and devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and VR/AR headsets, as well as “mix-generationally, meaning in one Ps generation to another.

The patent recommended the assets might be transferable between different gaming environments altogether, saying:

“The standardized format might be readable to insert digital asset in various computer simulations that could include different game titles of various titles [and/or] might be readable via different gaming platforms for example, for instance, Ps and Xbox.”

Outdoors the The new sony ecosystem, digital assets may potentially be utilized within “a minumum of one computer simulation,” including “a cloud-based gaming.” 

Computer simulations can include different annual versions of the particular gaming title, different game titles of various game genres, and/or different execution instances of the identical gaming, it added.

The assets could use in-game skins, avatars, artwork, weapons, and “gaming skills,” among other products.  

The patent further discusses functions of recognizing specific attempts of fraud, when users attempt to gain NFTs along with other in-game assets by repeating certain steps or tasks. 

In addition, “the technique can include […] stopping other finish-user entities participating in other cases of the a minumum of one computer simulation from being provided another NFT for performing the job again after the very first finish-user entity performing the job,” it stated.

And not the first for The new sony

The new sony isn’t a new comer to the NFT/metaverse/Web3 world. 

In May 2021, The new sony Interactive Entertainment printed a patent filed in 2019, which demonstrated the giant had patented its very own eSports betting platform, allowing users to bet currency (including BTC) or digital products, with odds based on machine learning. 

In May this past year, South Korea’s blockchain network operator Theta Labs (THETA) announced the new 3D NFTs have been designed for use with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, a presentation unit that featured a higher-speed vision sensor, which follows users’ eye movements to produce 3Ds according to eye positions – without any eye-related accessories needed. 

As well as in November, a patent filing revealed Sony’s vision for any system that may be accustomed to track the creation, use, and change in NFTs as with-game assets. 

Meanwhile, other major mainstream companies also announced intends to expand into NFTs and cryptoassets in the last couple of several weeks. 

Investment giant Fidelity hinted in an intent to push much deeper into cryptocurrencies and Web3 with three new trademarks filed in December this past year. 

And merely this month, reports indicated the tech giant Amazon . com was preparing to produce its new initiative to go in the NFT and Web3 space. 

Around 15 collections are anticipated to be shown to all of us residents in the launch date of March 24, underneath the “Amazon . com Digital Marketplace” tab.


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