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Within the first 1 / 2 of 2022, market participants spent ETH 963,227, worth about USD 2.7bn, on non-fungible token (NFT) minting around the Ethereum blockchain, with 50.7% from the elevated crypto remaining with NFT projects, and also the remainder circulated to non-entity wallets, according to some report by blockchain data and analytics platform Nansen.

Simultaneously, the level of the elevated ETH circulating to non-entity wallets decreased in the 52.3% reported 11 several weeks ago to 45.7%. 


Cumulatively, Nansen stated, the very best five NFT collections that elevated ETH through minting accrued some ETH 81,364. This was a believed 10.3% from the total ETH elevated by all projects within the examined period.

Combined with the development in the amount of unique wallets which required part within the minting activity, Nansen states it’s also observed a small expansion in average mints per wallet during this time period, at 3.65 mints per wallet. This really is up in the formerly reported average of three.16 mints.

“In the studied period, as many as 28,986 NFT collections were deployed. As a whole, these projects with each other elevated 833,641 ETH. Interestingly, slightly over fifty percent of those collections were free mint projects” at 51.6%, the firm stated.

The median amount elevated by projects was ETH 1.43, and also the average was ETH 59.4, based on Nansen.

We “maintain our conclusion the minting sector from the NFT market remains healthy with the increase in average mints per unique wallet address,” stated Louisa Choe, Research Analyst at Nansen, as quoted inside a statement. 

Choe added that “on-chain proof of NFT collections reinvesting primary sales revenue into NFT shows that builders and creators in this particular marketplace are searching in the lengthy term impact of the projects and selection which will support that growth.  


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