Ps Dives into NFT World with New Patent, Rival XBOX Lags Behind

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A recently printed patent shows that the gaming giant The new sony Ps could use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in-game – or at best they’re searching in it. Microsoft’s XBOX, meanwhile, appears to become searching within the other direction.   

Sony’s patent is entitled “US20220358450 – Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens On the Distributed Ledger”. Particularly, its original application date was really May 7, 2021. However, the publication date is November 10 this season.

The abstract describes “a system and way of tracking digital assets connected with game titles,” saying:

“The digital assets might be in-game digital assets, for example in-game products or figures [and/or] gaming digital media assets representing moments of game play of the gaming, for example videos or images.”

It procedes to describe using NFTs in gaming, particularly creating in-game assets, in addition to coming to a changes for them, including the look of them and possession.

“Aspects from the present technology include systems and techniques for creating, modifying, tracking, authenticating, and/or transferring unique digital assets connected having a gaming,” the outline stated.

The document mentioned that some games allow using digital assets during game play, however that they are typically fungible and indistinguishable from each other – regardless of how rare they’re, explaining:

“Thus, in traditional game titles, nobody digital asset is exclusive using their company instances of the identical in-game item. Consequently, in traditional game titles, there’s not a way to understand, track, or authenticate past a specific demonstration of an in-game item. For example, in traditional game titles, there’s not a way to distinguish a particular demonstration of an in-game item that the famous player from the gaming accustomed to win a famous tournament from the other demonstration of the in-game item.”

It notes that gambling is very popular around the globe and refers to e-sports, stating that a few of the players can be cultivated large followings, much like popular athletes along with other celebrities do.

This isn’t Sony’s initial step in to the NFT space though. For instance, in May this season, South Korea’s blockchain network operator Theta Labs revealed their new 3D NFTs have been designed for use with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, a presentation unit that includes a high-speed vision sensor, which follows users’ eye movements to produce 3Ds according to eye positions.

Other medication is making moves within the space too. For instance, Japanese entertainment conglomerate Square Enix announced in This summer it partnered with NFT platform Enjin (ENJ) to produce its digital assortment of cards celebrating the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7.

NFTs are ‘hammer searching for any nail’

Microsoft is frequently pointed out with regards to the metaverse nowadays, but less to NFTs. Rather, it appears to wish to steer clear of them so far as possible, for now at least.

Gaming Chief executive officer Phil Spencer spoken to Bloomberg at the end of August, saying that,

“We made some comments in Minecraft about how exactly we percieve NFTs within this space, because we had people doing stuff that we thought were exploitive within our product. So we stated we do not want that. I believe sometimes it is a hammer searching for any nail when these technologies show up. However the actual human use or player use within our situation of those technologies – I believe there might be some interesting things.”

As reported, in This summer this season, the most popular sandbox video game Minecraft, of Microsoft, banned NFTs and blockchain innovations from integrating using its platform.

However, with regards to the metaverse, Theo Tzanidis and Matthew Frew in the College from the West of Scotland contended in Feb that, “Microsoft was positioning itself among the pioneers from the metaverse before its USD 75bn deal to purchase on the internet giant Activision Blizzard.”

As well as in the Bloomberg interview, Spencer mentioned that, in the view, “gamers will be in the metaverse for 3 decades.”

But when it comes to play-to-earn and crypto facets of gaming, he contended that,

“Play-to-earn is one thing I’m careful about. It makes a staff pressure from players for several players to type of monetize.”

He did note, however, this has been in existence within the gaming niche for a lengthy time, but stated that now it’s beginning to become included in the economy from the game itself.

Meanwhile, as reported, Microsoft, The new sony, MetaNvidia, in addition to 33 other tech giants racing to construct the metaverse, created an organization to produce the infrastructure to have an interoperable metaverse in June this season. Dubbed The Metaverse Standards Forum, the brand new initiative aims introducing interoperability and mix-compatibility within the space to be able to promote the introduction of “outdoors metaverse.”

You can view the job interview with Microsoft Gaming Chief executive officer Phil Spencer here:


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