Solana NFT Game Launches on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store hosts the brand new Solana game Star Atlas. A playable demo can be obtained for NFT proprietors to sample.

Star Atlas Launched on Epic Games Store

The long awaited Solana NFT-based game Star Atlas finally launched around the Epic Games Store on 29 September 2022, having a live-streamed event. Although only presently like a demo, Star Atlas enabled NFT proprietors to sample the ships they bought.

Area of the demo would be a non-NFT ship that proprietors could explore, however the demo was generous enough and to grant access secrets of select non-proprietors. This NFT project is placed around 2620 and enables players to understand more about a wide open-world space with vehicles for example spaceships while mining sources.

Although NFT proprietors had a taste of the exploration strategy game, the Star Atlas developers may require a couple of many years to complete the whole project and let players to savor the entire features.

Star Atlas Showroom Demo

Though it may well be a while until Star Atlas is fully ready to go, NFT proprietors will quickly get another glimpse in to the game. Another Showroom demo will occur later this season and include additional features for example NFT holders flying their ships, multi-player abilities and interaction along with other players.

However the demo wasn’t the only real highlight from the event. The launch from the Star Atlas demo on Epic Games Store was supported with a discharge of developer toolkits. These power tools will help developers to construct their very own Unreal Engine 5-based crypto games on Solana’s network.

The 3D creation tool can also be utilized in Star Atlas’ flagship game, Fortnite. To simply integrate their games onto Solana’s network, developers uses outdoors-source tool The Building Blocks Software Development Package (F-Package).

Not just is Solana upgrading its network to process greater than 60,000 transactions per second, but it is a dominant player within the NFT space.



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