The Culprit Game Begins as Bored Apes Co-Founder Belittled for Blaming Discord Following Another NFT Exploit

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A co-founding father of the most popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection faced a backlash for blaming the Discord messaging platform after ETH 200 (USD 378,000) price of digital assets were grabbed within an exploit. 

On Saturday, Gordon Goner authored on Twitter that Discord “isn’t employed by Web3 communities” following the project’s Discord server was hacked. “We want a much better platform that puts security first,” he added. 

However, some observers were quick to lash out at Goner for blaming the im social networking platform.

“Don’t blame Discord for users getting socially engineered, getting [direct messages] open and clicking phishing links,” stated pseudonymous NFT analyst OKHotshot. “Use the tool properly first before blaming it.”

Discord security developer Captain Plantain also stated phishing attacks may happen regardless of what platform you select, suggesting the team should take some time and generate a “multilayer security” to avoid such occurrences from happening again later on. 

Nonetheless, the hack required place after attackers were able to publish phishing links both in the state BAYC and it is related metaverse project known as Otherside’s Discord channels after compromising the account of Boris Vagner, the project’s community manager.

Yuga Labs, the organization behind BAYC, later confirmed the exploit, saying that around ETH 200 “price of NFTs have been impacted.” 

Particularly, this really is a minimum of the 3rd time a poor actor has had the ability to compromise the social accounts of Bored Ape to steal users’ funds in the last two several weeks. 

At the begining of April, they announced that the “webhook within our Discord” was compromised, asking users to not mint anything. On April 25, the project’s Instagram account and Discord server were once more hacked.
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