The new sony & Theta Set to produce ‘3D NFTs’, Eye Tie-along with its Spatial Reality Display

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Non-fungible tokens (NFT) ‘re going 3D – and The new sony wants is the firm that can take them right into a new dimension.

In an announcement distributed to, the firm’s partner in the initiative, South Korea’s blockchain network operator Theta Labs (THETA), claimed the new 3D NFTs have been designed for use with Sony’s Spatial Reality Display, a presentation unit that includes a high-speed vision sensor, which follows users’ eye movements to produce 3Ds according to eye positions. The unit doesn’t utilize goggles or any other eye-related accessories.

The unit continued purchase at the end of 2020 and retails for approximately USD 5,000.

Theta described that within an initial “pilot project,” the parties would offer a predicament whereby NFTs “representing any in-world digital item, avatar or collectible could be visualized and displayed in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form.”

The move, the South Korean company mentioned, brings “a new reality along with a physical presence towards the metaverse.”

The work includes a “Theta-powered” NFT – ten copies of the token named “The Tiki Guy.” The The new sony tie-in has the proven fact that these ten tokens allows proprietors with U . s . States shipping addresses to redeem a The new sony Spatial Reality Display device.

The NFT’s design is really a nod towards the Tiki masks that originated from ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures: hands-created, wooden decorative masks that symbolized deities and were meant to defend against evil spirits.

Theta claimed that Sony’s Spatial Reality Display provides a “whoa, baby” experience for NFTs, and would “showcase NFTs and virtual encounters in another way.”

The mask-themed NFTs is going to be designed “to showcase the following-generation capacity of Sony’s Spatial Reality Display,” Theta added, and can let “collectors” view their “digital metaverse assets” with what the organization known as “a truly 3D accessory-free way.”

For individuals without use of 3D display units, the organization stated that “users may also be in a position to purchase 2D versions for viewing on conventional displays.”

Theta added the collaboration allows NFTs “representing any in-world digital item, avatar or collectible” to “be visualized and displayed in glasses-free 3D mixed reality form,” assisting to “bring a brand new reality along with a physical presence towards the metaverse.”

The new sony, meanwhile, was quoted as proclaiming that the NFT project was “just the most recent way” it might showcase its “rapid adoption of metaverse-friendly technology.”

Sony’s music and entertainment arms have formerly been participating in the NFT front, with tie-ins varying from the “Baby Shark” token issuance using the viral video’s South Korean creator Pinkfong to “Spider-Man”-related NFTs. Recently, both The new sony and it is rival Universal announced they’d partnered with Snowcrash, an NFT buying and selling platform associated with the veteran rock superstar Bob Dylan.

Theta, meanwhile, partnered using the smartphone-making team at Samsung in Feb this season to produce a variety of NFT digital collectibles to mark the launch of two new Samsung smart devices, the Universe S22 and also the Tab S8. Customers who pre-booked and pre-purchased devices in Columbia were granted use of commemorative NFTs.


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