Amazon . com.eth ENS domain owner disregards 1M USDC buyout offer on OpenSea

On Tuesday, the Ethereum Name Service, or ENS, domain Amazon . com.eth received an offer for a million USD Gold coin (USDC), a stablecoin pegged towards the U . s . States dollar, from your anonymous wallet address on OpenSea. The sale to purchase the ENS domain went unanswered, however, with no transaction required place. This really is regardless of the last purchase from the website name being five several weeks ago for 33 Ether (ETH), worth around $100,000 in the of writing.

The expired million-dollar offer for Amazon . com.eth on OpenSea Source: OpenSea

It’s unclear during the time of publication if the owner simply wasn’t informed from the offer, didn’t consider so that it is near fair value or maybe the putting in a bid and domain owner accounts were linked so that they can raise the cost from the asset (in what is known a wash trade). Based on data from OpenSea, other bid offers for that ENS domain stand just around $6,200 in USDC. The website name is verified as official by ENS and is a member of anonymous OpenSea user 4761BF.

The expired million-dollar offer for Amazon . com.eth on OpenSea Source: OpenSea

ENS is really a blockchain naming protocol that enables users to keep avatars and profile images to be used across devices and send or receive crypto and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). To market a .eth domain on OpenSea, users would first have to connect their wallet and register a previous address at then list it on their own OpenSea account.

Even though many crypto enthusiasts required up interesting or creative names for that ENS service, others have launched into the concept of domain-flipping. That’s, registering ENS domains that contains names of prominent entities in advance after which later demanding a higher cost for that domain if the stated entity desires to go into the Web3 space afterwards.

Since its beginning in 2017, there has been over 1.67 million .eth domain registrations across roughly 482,000 proprietors. Greater than 154,100 registrations were created lately between This summer 5 to Monday, partially because of lower gas charges and ongoing interest from entities trying to go into the Web3 space. Up to now, the ENS collection on OpenSea has observed roughly 46,200 ETH, or $71.5 million, in cumulative transaction volume. 

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