Andreessen Horowitz closes $4.5 billion crypto fund among market turmoil

Despite the fact that crypto markets seem to be on the lengthy, arduous path ahead according to recent days of token turmoil, venture investors searching to get hold of a Web3 future aren’t slowing lower.

On Wednesday, investment capital giant, A16Z, announced closing its 4th cryptocurrency fund at $4.5 billion. This brings the entire money invested by Andreessen Horowitz in digital currency and blockchain business to greater than $7.6 billion.

The brand new investment vehicle will concentrate on early-stage ideas in addition to projects which are old and also have already proven some traction. Based on the firm, $1.5 billion from the funding is going to be employed for seed injections, while $3 billion is going to be focused on venture investments.

Regardless of the market downtown, the firm is positive about finding fresh prospects. Marc Andreessen, the co-founding father of A16Z, commented that cryptocurrencies continue to be within their “early innings,” adding the market provides extensive growth potential.

The 4th crypto fund has developed in the works for a while Cointelegraph first reported onto it in The month of january. It doubles how big the prior crypto fund and demonstrates the growing interest one of the firm’s limited partners in boosting their contact with cryptocurrency firms.

The brand new funding originates under annually since Andreessen Horowitz announced the launch of its $2.2 billion Crypto Fund III. A16z’s dominance makes waves within the crypto industry throughout recent several weeks, with several crypto native the likes of Paradigm and Electric Capital raising enormous sums to compete against it.

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Formerly noted for investments in Instagram and Slack, the firm first joined the crypto sector by having an purchase of Coinbase in 2013. It’s since backed numerous crypto companies, including Polychain Capital, OpenSea, Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX) and Yuga Labs.

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