Australian Mayor downplays crypto volatility, recommends it for rates payments

Tom Tate, the Mayor of Gold Coast, Australia, has recommended that cryptocurrency could be utilised by residents to pay for local taxes later on years, though critics have flagged volatility and also the recent market crash like a reason to be concerned. 

“Why can’t we pay rates on cryptocurrency when the risk isn’t high?” stated Tate, talking with local media outlet ABC News on June 5, approximately per week prior to the council is a result of hands lower its annual budget. “The volatility isn’t that bad.”

Tate was elected as Mayor from the Gold Coast, Australia’s sixth-largest city this year, and it has proven a well known choice since that time, because he was re-elected for any second term in 2016 along with a third term in 2020. He added the move has not been confirmed however they were searching ahead. 

“It transmits an indication that we are innovative and produce within the more youthful generation … [but] I am not to imply we are doing the work, I am just saying we are always searching at a higher level.Inches

However, critics have contended the cost volatility of cryptocurrencies amongst an industry crash could dampen enthusiasm to consider crypto as payment.

Talking with ABC News, Blockchain Australia’s Adam Poulton noted the council will have to take a look at its risk appetite before choosing to take cryptocurrency as payment.

“The final factor they’d wish to accomplish is accept $2,000 price of rates, hold it in Bitcoin, but for the Bitcoin cost to halve,” he stated.

The Mayor’s comments be an growing quantity of metropolitan areas and countries around the globe have began to think about allowing crypto and central bank digital currencies for use to pay for local taxes and rates. 

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In April, the Bahamian pm Philip Davis announced intends to allow residents to pay for taxes by using the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC), the Sand Dollar.

Within the same month, it had been says residents in three major Chinese metropolitan areas have started having to pay tax, stamp duty, and social security premiums while using country’s CBDC, digital yuan.

Other regions which have announced it’s either thinking about, or could be adopting cryptocurrencies for tax payments range from the Swiss town of Lugano, Buenos Aires, Colorado, Rio de Janeiro, and also the Central African Republic.

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