Bitcoin network fortifies as mining difficulty records ATH of 31.251T

Further distancing itself from the concerns of planned attacks around the blockchain, the Bitcoin (BTC) network established a brand new mining difficulty all-time a lot of 31.251 trillion — exceeding the 30-trillion mark the very first time ever.

The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, warranted the safety from the BTC network via a decentralized network of BTC miners who’re given the job of confirming the authenticity of transactions and minting new blocks.

Because of the extensive community support — from developers to hodlers to traders to miners — that spans over 13 years, the BTC network was witness to some historic 10-month-lengthy rally because it achieved mining impossibility of 31.251 trillion.

Bitcoin network difficulty. Source:

Mining difficulty safeguards the BTC ecosystem against network attacks for example double-spending, in which bad actors attempt to reverse confirmed transactions within the BTC blockchain. Greater mining difficulty demands greater computational power from miners to verify transactions within the BTC network.

Consequently, BTC’s latest network difficulty ATH causes it to be extremely difficult for bad actors to represent 50 plusPercent from the hash rate. According to, the BTC network demands 220.436 million terahashes/second (TH/s) during the time of writing.

Bitcoin total hash rate. Source:

Regardless of the crypto community’s concerns associated with the ongoing targeted attacks and an active bear market, BTC is constantly on the position itself because the most resilient blockchain network. 

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Roughly $1.4 billion price of BTC was apparently moved from the wallet associated with Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) because the community announced their intent to “proactively defend the soundness from the UST peg [and] broader Terra economy.”

Terra’s ecosystem of tokens required a nosedive because the stablecoin UST depegged from the initial $1 value to almost $ within days, sparking commotion one of the LUNA and UST investors.

While Terra co-founder Do Kwon attributed the marketplace collapse to coordinated attack from the protocol, current plans for reviving the UST and LUNA environments involve purchasing and redistributing BTC according to requirement.

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