Blockchain technology might help create safe and inclusive adult platforms

The cryptocurrency marketplace is no stranger to speculation. Take into account that regardless of this industry’s growth, many still view these assets and connected technologies like a bubble that is going to burst. 

As history has shown, overcoming we’ve got the technology adoption curve comes lower to some major use situation, or even the so-known as “killer application.” Although there’s no obvious frontrunner, the porn industry has shown to considerably advance new technology iterations previously and presents a fascinating proposition for future years of cryptocurrencies. 

The porn market is thought to be worth vast amounts of dollars, passing on significant influence within the world’s leading technologies. Even though it does not create these technology, it’s frequently the first one to adopt and achieve this effectively. 

For instance, the was one of the primary to earn money on the web, where it is constantly on the bring in over $1 billion annually. Partly, it is because, unlike other industries that has to go mind to mind with “major” retailers, the porn industry does not need to take part in traditional distribution issues. 

Although only one example, this industry has ongoing to show past following a newest types of media to have their content across to viewers. As one example of, let’s think about the transition from VHS to Blu-ray to internet streaming. 

From Betamax to Blu-ray

Going to the 1970s, users will be taught the controversy between your Betamax and also the VHS, two devices that may operate a film, therefore presenting a typical in viewing technology. 

In a single corner, the Betamax includes a wide format that enabled the unit to possess a higher quality recording, although just one hour of video clip might be held. In comparison, the VHS offered poorer quality however with triple the storage capacity (as much as three hrs.) The end result could be that the VHS won, with porn viewers now accessing 180 minutes of content. 

Within an industry the size of that one, this small transition extended the durability from the VHS and effectively put an finish to Betamax.

Searching forward to some more recent example, think about the technology transition between your HD DVD and Blu-ray. The HD DVD had been largely effective when Blu-ray was introduced, presenting a difficult sell to compete in. However, Blu-ray had more ability to hold such things as deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage along with other actor reviews, a real possibility which was recognized within the porn industry. Therefore, like Betamax, the HD DVD was dead.

As technology moves past Blu-ray and into Web3, it is just logical to summarize the porn industry will once more pioneer a brand new era of technology evolution.

Ushering inside a new trend for decentralized payment

Today, the adult industry has changed far past studio-controlled content written by Blu-ray, right into a model where creators are responsible for their creations. Despite getting more autonomy, creators still face one barrier, the way they will get payment. 

Creators haven’t much choice but to simply accept funds through traditional banking solutions, submitting these to high charges, payment cancellations, chargebacks and account closures. As well as audience limitations because of privacy concerns.

Cryptocurrencies try to resolve this, operating with no intermediary to make sure creators and clients can transact directly with each other. Because of their anonymous nature, cryptocurrencies also enable users to have their identities hidden.

A metaverse where adults arrived at play

Having a potential means to fix the space on the market, it’s not uncommon to determine porn websites incorporating cryptocurrencies like a payment method to their website. However, newer platform releases took the use of blockchain technology and utility tokens a step further, creating entire environments to maximise the fan experience.

The Pleasure Network is demonstrating this by releasing a number of safe and inclusive adult platforms, operated by the Pleasure Gold coin utility token, NSFW. With NSFW, creators could be paid for their content without the chance of a chargeback. The woking platform will effectively become a different way for fans and creators for connecting, mixing a few of the greatest-quality features from existing platforms.

The token may also gain utility within the adult metaverse, Pleasureland. Pleasureland includes the Pink Tower, the very first building within the metaverse, that will be used as a location to keep NFT assets, play, design, party or enjoy personal space. Users may also can book their space to earn NSFW tokens.

NSFW is stated to be among the quickest-growing tokens within the Polygon ecosystem — blockchain technology scaling transactional speeds to levels beyond traditional charge card processing.

These types of Pleasure Gold coin being designed being an ERC-20 token, it enables both creators and users to transact freely and keep their identities along with other private information hidden.

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