Exchanges show initial support to Terra revival by listing new LUNA token

Crypto buying and selling platforms show initial indications of support for that revival from the collapsed Terra network by listing Terra’s completely new token, also named LUNA.

The HitBTC exchange required to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that Terra’s new chain token Luna is going to be on its platform on May 27.

This news comes among Terraform Labs getting ready to relaunch its protocol on May 27 and switch the old chain known as Terra Classic using the new chain known as just Terra, or Terra 2.. The brand new chain won’t be a fork as it will likely be produced beginning in the genesis block that won’t share history with Terra Classic, Terraform Labs stated on May 23.

The brand new Terra’s token is going to be named Luna, replacing that old token known as Luna Classic (LUNC).

As formerly reported, Terraform Labs Chief executive officer Do Kwon suggested to produce a new Terra chain without Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) in mid-May, suggesting LUNA airdrops across LUNC stakers and holders, UST holders and Terra Classic application developers.

The proposal immediately received support in the community, with 91% of Terra validators voting in support of the Terra “rebirth” by May 18. During the time of writing, the city poll continues to be ongoing, with roughly 67% of voters supporting Terra’s revival as Terra 2..

Terra network rebirth poll. Source: Terra Station

Terra’s revival uses Terraform Labs stopped the Terra blockchain on May 12, carrying out a massive crash of both LUNA and UST, using the Luna token plummeting as little as 99%.

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