Experts clash on where virtual reality sits within the Metaverse

Virtual reality (VR) will ultimately possess a place inside the Metaverse, although not for that near future given its slow adoption rates, experts say.

There isn’t much that may rival the expertise of getting one’s senses almost immersed inside a virtual world — and that’s why many believe the technology have a natural fit for that Metaverse.

It is a technology that Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is betting big on by presenting Meta accounts it states allows users to gain access to its Meta Horizons platform easier through Oculus VR headsets.

Founder and Chief executive officer of metaverse platform CEEK Mary Spio can also be one waving the VR metaverse flag. Within an interview with Cointelgraph, Spio argues the true power a Metaverse can’t be recognized unless of course users are totally immersed by using VR devices.

Spio’s metaverse platform CEEK helps digital content creators, including musicians and athletes, connect directly using their fanbase inside a virtual world setting.

Spio stated that her platform chosen an emphasis on VR immersion because “the together with your Metaverse can’t be fully recognized within the non-VR mode:”

“Virtual Reality enables full immersion and helps to create that feeling of presence, real feelings and recollections the same as really being at any given time and put in tangible existence.”

However, Spio admits their metaverse needs to match both VR and non-VR ease of access, as content, simplicity of use, and ease of access are still needed for that mass adoption of VR technology.

She believes that the “quantum leap come in the following 2 to 3 years” for Metaverse and VR adoption.

 Janine Yorio, Chief executive officer of metaverse ecosystem developer Everyrealm, however, doesn’t agree. 

To Yorio, Metaverse platforms and VR technology should develop solely of one another without mutual consideration.

By her estimation, a really small part of Metaverse encounters are now being designed for VR like CEEK, noting VR creating a significant change on the planet likely won’t take place in any significant horizon.

The reason why with this lie in “technological obstacles” and straightforward human preference which are more casual applying technology:

“People typically game or build relationships technology while they’re doing another thing. That’s impossible when utilizing a VR headset which effectively blocks out all of those other world and helps make the user physically vulnerable while using the it.”

Her view is supported by the figures, as Statista found the VR market size involved $4.8 billion in 2021 from only two.4 headsets per hundred households, according to Virtual Reality Marketing. Compare that to Web2 metaverse firms that enjoy a $14.8 trillion market cap and also the metaverse token market worth $7.1 billion, according to CoinGecko.

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Meanwhile, the creative and technical director at Human Park, Ron Pearce, required a middle-ground stance around the issue.

He told Cointelegraph within an interview that it may be 5 to 10 years before VR turns into a Metaverse-ready item because of developer-side limitations, along with the various hurdles to mass adoption — though he accepted that VR implementation “isn’t from the cards.”

To Pearce, the primary hurdle may be the headset, that they states Oculus has solved typically by looking into making the unit readily available. However, connectivity and game play will stay a hard challenge for least the following 5 years. 

Pearce added that a few of the limitations of integrating VR and Metaverse might have no solution due to “physical limitations that stop individuals things from connecting on the fundamental level:”

“When we had VR kickoff, you can observe that there is potential. However the mechanical components so that you can generate a sustained enjoyable experience just were not there, plus they still aren’t now.”

Human Park hasn’t yet implemented VR to the platform, but states it’s a possibility for future years.

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