First full-cycle Web3 ecosystem enables users to construct their metaverse presence

A transition to Web3 and also the metaverse happen to be a subject of conversation for some time now, meaning both market participants and ordinary users already recognize the worth blockchain delivers. However, regardless of the benefits being heavily conveyed, the entry threshold is a lot excessive for that average user, frequently requiring special training, experienced consultants along with other condition-of-the-art sources to really achieve this.

Take into account that inside a Web3 setting, monetizing activities, creating games and holding occasions incorporates underlying blockchain and token technology, which needs a learning curve for individuals without experience. As well as, the extensive business possibilities are significant when compared with traditional Web2 methods. 

WeWay aims to supply this turnkey solution that allows prospective users to seamlessly transition into Web3 through influencer collaborations, NFT monetization and occasions like concerts. The woking platform effectively takes shape in four primary solutions: Agency, College, Metaverse and Marketplace.

“WeWay is really a high-tech ecosystem operating on the blockchain and NFT basis, allowing content makers and influencers to maximise their creative power and define their individuality in the realm of the long run,” Fuad Fatullaev, the founding father of WeWay, shares.

The intent is the fact that with WeWay, everybody will get access to the advantages of Web3 without putting things off using the complexities of onboarding.

The inspiration for Web3 presence

WeWay may be the Agency, something that can take a painter, brand, blogger or any other internet personality, unpacks their abilities and uses any findings to find out each one’s proper advantage within the Web3 atmosphere. Using the support in the Agency and it is major partners and advisors, you will get the support they have to create a monetized model and make up a project available to collaboration.

Additionally to strategy support, WeWay also enables the everyday user to go in the field of Web3 through College. The College module aims to supply support for individuals searching to discover or take part in blockchain. Therefore, this solution may help support influencers and content creators as well as their supporters, who also need a bridge into the field of Web3.

Most users recognize Web3 for that NFTs and selling platforms which allow transactions for this kind of asset. Therefore, associated the company and College modules is Marketplace. Within this location, audiences can take part in interactions with influencers through collaborative activities, for example exclusive content or use of live “experiences,” and influencers can publish their avatars, NFTs, etc.

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Rounding the platform may be the metaverse, referred to as WeWay City. Associated with pension transfer metaverse constructs, WeWay city will end up where participants communicate with one another and socialize because they do within the physical world, an example being WeWay concerts. WeWay concerts enable an artist’s avatar to have interaction within the metaverse like a collectible with various clothes, skin materials, accessories and hairstyles. The WeWay team will produce a certain quantity of tokens, while fans will gain the chance to have interaction with this particular artist inside a digital space. 

Coupled with other online interactions, WeWay is made to be as immersive as you possibly can with AAA graphics, nature and structures for example cinemas, homes for sale and banks.

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