GameFi and crypto ‘natural fit’ for game publishers: KBW 2022

Columbia is the 4th greatest gaming market and among the greatest blockchain adopters. However, the nation has banned play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games because of the crypto integration. The brand new pro-crypto president Yoon Suk-yeol had hinted at lifting the ban, however the government has yet to exhibit any significant effort.

Anthony Yoon, managing partner of blockchain investment and accelerator firm ROK Capital, within an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, stated that GameFi is really a natural fit for Korean game publishers. Yoon reveal the present condition of GameFi in the united states and just how game studios are approaching blockchain integration throughout the Korean Blockchain Week 2022 (KBW)

Yoon described there are two thoughts among Web2 gaming companies searching to shift to Web3 and blockchain gaming. Where one camp is searching for methods to derive value for his or her projects and make their ecosystem on blockchain on your own, with token integration to be the last step, another camp is able to launch an expression first and delegate we’ve got the technology.

Speaking concerning the recognition of worldwide blockchain projects for example Solana and Polygon against the native Korean projects, Yoon described their recognition isn’t just determined by the quantity of capital they convey in but much more around the infrastructure and ecosystem they need to offer. He described:

“From a practicality perspective, I believe something which these gaming studios also take a look at — are their users about this chain. Can there be an ecosystem about this chain? Can there be infrastructure around the chain?”

Yoon also stated that although native chains do play a vital role in developing the ecosystem, the main focus of game studios would be to develop a global ecosystem.

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In another chat, WeMade Chief executive officer Henry Chang spoken with Cointelegraph about current trends within the GameFi sector, its potential future and WeMade’s new gaming blockchain platform Wemix.

Chang stated that despite the fact that crypto-integrated blockchain games are banned in Korea, crypto certainly includes a utility within the gaming industry. He added that crypto would look for a devote the majority of the games in in the future. He concluded by saying, for crypto games to become effective, they have to possess a formidable in-game economy.

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