Hong Kong college to inaugurate mixed reality classroom in Metaverse

The Hong Kong College of Science (HKUST) announced for hosting the launch party of the virtual reality classroom over around the Metaverse on September 1. The launch marks the commencement of HKUST’s intend to promote immersive learning because they build an online campus within the Metaverse, to become known as MetaHKUST.

An instructional in the HKUST institution told South China Morning Publish the launch from the mixed reality classroom represents the outlet of the new campus within the town of Guangzhou, Hong Kong. Pan Hui, chair professor of computational media and humanities in the Guangzhou campus, added that:

“A large amount of visitors may be overseas and can’t attend [the outlet], therefore we will host it within the metaverse.”

Because they build MetaHKUST, the institution plans to produce a learning atmosphere that almost connects the 2 campuses — in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. By virtually connecting the campuses, HKUST wishes to help students overcome geographical constraints when attending classes.

While universities around the world moved to services for example Zoom for performing classes on the web throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Hui believes learning within the Metaverse to become a more sensible choice for college students because it promotes a larger degree of interaction, adding:

“Through virtual reality, you are able to feel like you’re there. The way you communicate with students surrounding you increases your learning outcome.”

Regardless of the nascency from the technology, Wang Yang, v . p . for institutional advancement at HKUST, stated the Metaverse was “here to remain.”

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Contributing to the lengthy listing of use cases the Metaverse provides, Singapore’s Second Minister for Law Edwin Tong opined on making use of the budding technology in legal marriage proceedings, court situation disputes and government services.

Tong supported his statement by highlighting occasions when intimate occasions like the solemnization of marriages appeared to be held in the Metaverse, adding:

“It wouldn’t be unthinkable that, besides registration of marriages, other government services can soon be utilized online through the Metaverse.”

Tong mentioned that adding such technology wouldn’t preclude traditional offline proceedings from happening and rather recommended an “integrated platform” that may invigorate the dispute resolution process. He noted that “there can invariably be considered a hybrid element.”

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