‘Hyper-deflationary’ network launches mainnet among rising inflation

AXIA, they behind the novel message-to-earn approach of AXChat, announced the mainnet launch of their blockchain and native currency on Thursday. The brand new network is made to give a “hyper-deflationary” economic model where the cryptocurrency becomes increasingly more scarce since it’s adoption grows. 

Based on its website, the AXIA blockchain is really a third-generation blockchain that tries to address problems like the possible lack of interoperability, speed and ease of access.

The AXIA network utilizes a participatory hyper-deflationary system. This means that activity around the blockchain and inside the ecosystem makes sure that AXIA Gold coin becomes scarce with time. An AXIA representative told Cointelegraph the traditional financial and financial product is ineffective, promotes inflation and exacerbates earnings disparity. 

As reported by the AXIA, its economic model is different from fiat currencies along with other cryptocurrencies for the reason that it features continuous value creation having a continuously decreasing way to obtain AXIA Gold coin.

“This model should provide lengthy-term value, protection against speculative instruments and losing value we have seen with fiat currencies. The model itself isn’t just sustainable but continuously evolve with time.”

The mainnet launch follows two several weeks after AXIA launched AXchat, a decentralized messaging platform. This blockchain-powered chatting platform enables users to talk with buddies and family while earning digital currency rewards.

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AXIA claims that AXChat messages are encrypted which accounts are safe by multi-factor authentication (MFA) for enhanced protection. Traditional messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger don’t have these privacy features. Based on a spokesperson for that AXIA network, the worth they offer comes from consumers and funneled back to for-profit and centralized interests.

Blockchain mainnet launch is really a significant step for each project. It is because it’s the moment whenever a project transitions from becoming an idea to actuality. This season a few blockchain mainnets were launched. Probably the most notable include RUNE, Mono X and Bitgert Chain.

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