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    KuCoin Ventures Release $20K Grant to Build TON-Based Mini-Apps

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    KuCoin Ventures, the investment arm of crypto exchange KuCoin, has pledged a grant of $20,000 to the Open Network (TON) blockchain platform.

    In a statement on December 1, KuCoin revealed that the funding is intended to support the growth and expansion of the TON ecosystem.

    This includes financial support for five mini-applications that focus on payments, game finance (GameFi) platforms, research and development efforts, community-building initiatives, marketing activities, and incubation programs such as the TON Bootcamp.

    By funding these innovative projects and empowering research and developments, the platform aims to create a vibrant community and effective marketing initiatives about the TON blockchain.

    This grant initiative results from the collaboration between KuCoin Ventures and TON Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to pave the way for future collaborations between crypto platforms and public chains.

    Ian Wittkopp, the head of the accelerator at TON Foundation, explained that the collaboration with KuCoin Ventures marks a significant acceleration point in the ongoing momentum of mini-app development on the network.

    Wittkopp highlighted the impact of powerful initiatives such as the Future3 Campus Bootcamp, along with the financial support from KuCoin Ventures.

    Together, these efforts will drive the development of practical blockchain solutions within the TON ecosystem, particularly in payments and gaming.

    Furthermore, Wittkopp stated that KuCoin Ventures’ endeavors align with TON’s broader vision, which seeks to create a more accessible and decentralized digital future for everyone.

    Meanwhile, Alicia Kao, the Managing Director of KuCoin, expressed a strong belief in the potential of TON blockchain to bring about revolutionary changes in the blockchain industry.

    “This strategic alliance aligns with our mission of promoting further development of the crypto and blockchain industry through tighter cooperation. We believe this signifies a fresh synergy between exchanges and the blockchain landscape, and we aspire that this joint effort will serve as a motivating example, spurring further similar ventures,” Kao said.

    TON Bags KuCoin and Animoca Brands in Partnerships in Four Days

    TON’s partnership with Kucoin serves as a potential indication of increasing momentum and interest in the development of Web3 on its network.

    This comes shortly after Animoca Brands, a renowned gaming and metaverse-focused venture capital (VC) firm, made an undisclosed investment in the TON system on November 28 to become the largest validator on the blockchain.

    The gaming VC emphasized conducting thorough research before committing to the TON ecosystem, leading to the creation of two research papers exploring the network’s potential to drive widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

    The first focal point in the research is the user-friendliness of decentralized applications (dApps) and the scalability of the TON Blockchain.

    User-friendliness is deemed crucial for attracting and retaining users in the crypto space, while scalability plays a vital role in handling increased transaction volumes and ensuring the seamless and efficient operation of the blockchain network.

    Source: Animoca Brands Report

    These aspects are integral to realizing the TON Foundation’s vision to make cryptocurrency usage pervasive and easily accessible to a broader population.

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