MetaBrewSociety to provide voting legal rights more than a brewery via NFTs and DAO

Munich-based MetaBrewSociety (MBS) will quickly offer voting legal rights around the business decisions of the physical brewery via nonfungible tokens (NFTs) along with a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The MBS was created in Feb this season by several beer-loving NFT investors and entrepreneurs that developed the idea to mix a brewery using the Metaverse, a DAO and NFTs to produce a “tangible IRL utility that has a concrete value” for participants.

Included in the project, MBS will offer a variety of tokenized “beer share” certificates that provide different amounts of governance legal rights more than a physical brewery in Munich that can also get a name within the Metaverse. The Sandbox platform has been regarded as a possible location.

All the NFTs will entitle the holder to a minimum of 100 cans of free beer each year, using the purchase from the NFTs assisting to fund the acquisition and scaling from the brewery. When the location continues to be purchased, the work will form a DAO composed from the NFT holders.

Talking to Cointelegraph, the co-founder and Chief executive officer from the MBS, Holger Mannweiler, noted the DAO will have an natural part within the governance from the business continuing to move forward, whilst playing a vital part in consumer research:

“The DAO will require all major business decisions that beers we´ll brew, how we´ll cost these to non-NFT holders, where we’ll sell them, etc.”

“The great thing about this DAO is it also represents an enormous permanent target group, a thing that other consumer brands have to spend considerable time and cash for,” he added.

The MBS will unveil as many as 6,000 NFTs in 2 stages, with first access provided to whitelisted people in an unspecified date soon. Once 75% from the NFTs happen to be minted, the MBS will perform acquisition of a current brewery which will have its name altered towards the “MetaBrewery.”

Mannweiler mentioned the project will likely “airdrop the beer allowance suitable for each year towards the NFT holders like a separate NFT to allow them to sell/monetize it when they don´t require the beer inside a certain year or hold more NFTs compared to what they can drink.“

The MBS may also make use of the Metaverse-based variant of their brewery in an effort to boost the exposure from the project, whilst serving as a web-based shop to buy its selection of beers.

Mannweiler highlighted that Web3 concepts for example DAOs and NFTs might help stimulate and modernize “even probably the most old-fashioned brands” because they enable the development of dedicated communities that may positively shape the trajectory of the company:

“The community holding the NFTs is really a permanent target number of youthful innovative beer enthusiasts that will help to shape and revive any brand by guiding it towards logo and product encounters that resonate with exactly this target group. “

“If the NFT holders like the things they get they’ll be our finest brand ambassadors and will assist you to onboard buddies and family towards the MetaBrewSociety experience thus building the foundation for insane future growth,” Mannweiler added.

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The co-founder mentioned the MBS may launch another NFT drop if a choice of another brewery turns into a reality later on.

“In relation to additional tokens there are many options that we’ll explore with this DAO. First, we might drop more NFTs to purchase another brewery… potentially one to another when we see interest in our approach is sufficient,” he stated.

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