Philippines to understand more about blockchain use cases, launches training course

The Philippine government has began its search for blockchain technology use cases, launching an exercise program for researchers within the government’s Department of Science (DOST). 

Enrico Paringit, a DOST official, apparently stated that the aim of working out would be to observe how blockchain can lead to areas like healthcare, financial support and emergency aid. Aside from these, Paringit noted the department can also be considering how blockchain may be used within the issuance of passports and visas, trademark registration as well as in government records.

While cryptos really are a prominent application for blockchain, the DOST official highlighted the department’s intention would be to “build non-cryptocurrency applications.” Paringit stated the aim would be to produce blockchain development specialists that may offer the government in a variety of applying we’ve got the technology.

This program received funding that may cover the price for training it specialists and researchers. However, Paringit highlighted that the possible lack of local blockchain experts has provided the department difficulties.

Fortunato dela Peña, the country’s secretary of science also considered in, stating that blockchain is “an essential emerging technology” the country must develop.

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In April, PayMaya, an electronic payment provider located in the Philippines, launched a crypto buying and selling feature within its application. The application, frequently utilized by Filipinos for shopping online or transferring money in your area, has listed Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) along with other prominent cryptos for buying and selling using the Philippine pesos.

Within the same month, the firm behind PayMaya, Voyager Innovations, surpassed $1 billion in valuation after receiving funds to build up the lately-added crypto choices of their digital payments application. The organization recognizes there are possibilities in serving the neighborhood population within the Philipinnes with regards to digital finance.

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