Solana developers tackle bugs wishing to avoid further outages

Developers have fixed the runtime bug that caused the most recent outage from the Solana network on June 1.

Based on a report printed by Solana Labs on June 5, Solana’s fifth outage of 2022 was the result of a bug within the “durable nonce transactions feature” which caused the network to prevent producing blocks for roughly four and half hrs.

“The durable nonce transaction feature was disabled in releases v1.9.28/v1.10.23 to avoid the network from halting when the same situation would arise again.”

“Durable nonce transactions won’t process before the minimization continues to be applied, and also the feature re-activated inside a forthcoming release,” they added.

The word durable nonce transactions describes a kind of transaction on Solana that is made to not expire, unlike an ordinary transaction around the network which often includes a short duration of around 2 minutes before a blockhash becomes too old to become validated.

It’s generally accustomed to support transactions associated with avenues for example custodial services which want more time when compared to a “to create a signature for that transaction” based on Solana Documentation.

Solana Labs noted that durable nonce transactions need a separate “mechanism to avoid double processing, and therefore are processed serially,” however a runtime bug presented itself following a durable nonce transaction was processed like a regular transaction and unsuccessful, but ended up being re-posted again and led to the network grinding to some halt.

“After the unsuccessful transaction was processed, before the nonce was utilized again, the consumer resubmitted exactly the same transaction for processing. This resubmission activated the bug within the runtime,“ the p report reads.

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The cost of Solana’s native asset SOL has dropped roughly 13.9% because the mainnet outage on June 1 to sit down at $39.08 during the time of writing. Investor appetite to trade the asset only has elevated, however, with 24-hour buying and selling volume growing by 61% to $2.141 billion within that very same time period, based on data from CoinGecko.

Inside a broader sense, data from Solana-focused analytics platform Hello Moon implies that the entire value managed to move on-chain (effectively) when it comes to a seven-day moving average has considerably dropped since late March.

After topping out whatsoever-time-high amounts of around $3.18 trillion on March 24, the figure has stepped close to $159.71 billion by June 4.

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