Solana smartphone Saga triggers mixed reactions from crypto community

The Solana team has introduced cell phones to Web3 after revealing Saga, Solana’s Android mobile phone which will day the project’s latest stack for Web3 developers, the Solana Mobile Stack. The city welcomed the brand new development with assorted reactions from evaluating the work to Apple and Ethereum to getting up concerns over Solana’s network outages. 

Vinny Lingham recognized the move and known as it Web3’s own “iPhone moment” and thanked Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko to make it possible. Meanwhile, David Ticzon seemed to be impressed, calling Solana the “Apple of Web3” inside a tweet.

Some community people also required this chance to check Solana’s progress towards the Ethereum network. Twitter user Thesolmane pointed out that although Solana launched a Web3 phone, Ethereum stays “without innovation in a long time.”

Inside a Twitter thread, user Nathanweb3 also described how Solana has become an increasing threat to Ethereum. Based on the Twitter user, SOL’s developers can keep the shortcomings of ETH with regards to consumer experience. Due to this, Solana’s team is addressing the problems and it is simplifying things for everyday users. They tweeted:

Even though many were built with a positive response, others couldn’t help but enhance the problem of Solana’s network outages. At the beginning of June, Solana’s (SOL) cost required a dive because the network endured its fifth outage inside the year. Due to this, Twitter user Metamaxie asked why Solana is attempting to become a phone manufacturer if this should concentrate on making its blockchain reliable. 

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Charles Hoskinson, the founding father of Cardano, has additionally taken a dig at Solana’s newest move. Based on Hoskinson, people will have to find seven of the buddies in Discord to reboot the cell phone, implying the phone are affected performance issues like the Solana blockchain.

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