WEF 2022: Miami mayor states that Bitcoin could be a global currency

Kristina Cornèr, Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief, sitting lower with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez in the recent World Economic Forum held at Davos, Europe, to go over topics such as the role the mayor performed in the WEF, Bitcoin as being a global currency and just what the mayor does together with his BTC.

Based on Suarez, his role in the WEF differs from what he did at the Bitcoin Miami event. At Davos, the mayor noted he performed an “evangelist role” where he’s teaching people about Bitcoin. He described that he’s looking to get individuals to realize that fraxel treatments will impact “the lives of numerous.” 

Aside from this, Suarez also discussed the potential for Bitcoin like a global currency. The mayor highlighted that Bitcoin presents various possibilities to democratize as well as “disrupt socialist regimes.” Furthermore, he stated that Bitcoin “creates trust, that is what currency systems ought to be according to.” 

Suarez, who received his paychecks in Bitcoin, told Cornèr he mostly hodls his Bitcoin. He underscored he believes within the technology behind the crypto and thinks he could create it for his children eventually.

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The mayor of Miami also expressed agreement using the sentiments of Mastercard Chief executive officer Michael Miebach that Quick may disappear in 5 years. Suarez noted that the likes of Mastercard leaning into crypto are important for that industry. The mayor believes that Mastercard comes with an infrastructure that will help the crypto world when it comes to processing power.

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